Is Zumbini like baby Zumba?

Although Zumbini is often described this way, this description is not entirely accurate. Unlike Zumba, Zumbini is not designed as a fitness program, although you will certainly burn some calories while dancing and jumping with your child! This is a music and movement program and many of the songs and movements are done while seated. Kids are not mini-adults, and the program was designed by Zumba Fitness with their needs in mind.

Why do you sing some of the songs live instead of using all recorded music?

Live singing allows the instructor to improvise and customize to meet the needs of the class. For example, during the welcome and goodbye songs, live singing allows us to sing the names of each child. Sometimes we ask questions and incorporate the children’s ideas into the songs. The program was designed to use a combination of live and recorded music to keep the class engaged.

Are the songs the same each week?

Each bundle comes with 20 songs, and I try to rotate songs so all of them are played at some point during the sessions. I will change out a few songs each week to keep it fresh, but many of the songs will be the same to allow families time to learn the songs and movements. Repetition is how kids learn! Each session will have a new bundle, with a new playlist of songs!

Is this an exercise program?

Zumbini was not designed as an exercise program, though you can expect to burn a few calories and possibly break a sweat while dancing and jumping!

How is this program different from other music classes, musical storytime at the library, etc.?

First of all, we are extremely fortunate to live in an area with so many great classes for children and a wonderful library system with fun and engaging storytimes. Zumbini is an early childhood music and movement class that does not teach music, but teaches through music. There are no stories in this class. It is 45 minutes of musical fun! We also do not use nursery rhymes but original music, written by Grammy-nominated producers specifically for the program (though we do usually throw in a contemporary pop song or two during our free dance and free jam sessions). Unlike a story time or other drop-in program, where you will see different kids, parents and teachers each time you go, this class provides a more consistent and intimate setting which allows you and your child to get to know each family in the class as well as the instructor. Consistently attending the class each week over the course of 6 to 12 weeks is extremely beneficial to the child as he or she becomes more confident and learns the music and movements. Additionally, an important component of the class is the take-home bundle, which includes the music we use in class, a storybook/songbook and plush toy of the main character so you can continue the fun at home!

I am uncoordinated and/or can’t sing. Can I just sit on the sidelines and watch my child?

Caregiver participation is vital as your child learns from watching you! We ask that all caregivers participate in this class to provide a role model for their child to imitate. Remember, you’re not trying out for American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance. And believe me, the kids, other caregivers and I aren’t paying attention to anyone’s dancing or singing. We’re all too busy having fun! If you’re still not convinced, consider the wise words of Dick Van Dyke: “Everyone should dance. And everyone should sing. People say, ‘Well, I can’t sing.’ Everybody can sing. That you do it badly is no reason not to sing.”

My child is just a baby/not walking/not able to follow the movements, etc. How can he/she benefit?

Your child benefits just by being in the room, absorbing the music and rhythm, watching you and dancing with you (often while you are holding them). Most of the younger children are not going to be able to follow the movements or drum on the beat. This is normal and developmentally appropriate. We are exploring music and they are learning just by being there! There are ZERO expectations of the children in the room. But there are expectations that the caregiver will participate! This is also a special time to bond with your child. Finally, there are other benefits—social, emotional, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor and language development. But consider these benefits a bonus as having fun is the most important part of the class!

Why is there such a wide age range?

Research has shown that children benefit from being in mixed age settings instead of being grouped only with peers their own age. The older children serve as role models to the younger children, who learn by watching and playing with them. This also reduces comparisons that are inevitable when grouped with children of the same age.

Can I do this class as a drop-in?

The program works best when families consistently attend each week. Repeated exposure to the songs, movements, instruments, same classmates, instructor, etc. helps the children to become more confident and learn. A family that drops in to one class will not receive these benefits. Under our licensing agreement, we are not permitted by Zumbini to offer drop-ins at this time. However, if you were unable to make a demo class and would like to try out a class before committing to sign up, you are welcome to attend a class to check it out. Please contact me to schedule a trial class. 

Can I join a session already in progress?

Yes, as long as the class is not full and there are at least a few weeks left in the session. The session price will be prorated. 

Do you do sibling discounts?

Yes, I offer a significant discount for the second sibling. Please view the session you are interested in attending and view pricing info at the top right side of the page. Babies 6 months under are free with a paid sibling. Please contact me if you have any concerns. 

Can I do a makeup session if I need to miss a class?

Yes! If you need to miss a class due to illness, vacation, etc., please contact me to schedule a makeup class.

I signed up for a class and changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

The session fee is non-refundable, but transferable. If there is a scheduling issue, change in naptime  etc., we are happy to move you to a different class time that works better for your family’s schedule as long as there is space. If you need to transfer to a future session (e.g., summer to winter session) with less than 10 days notice before the session begins, there is a $35 change fee due to materials and licensing fees. If you need to cancel due to extenuating circumstances and will be unable to make up the session in the future, please contact me. 

Is this a mommy and me class?

While Zumbini would certainly fit into the mommy and me genre, this class is for ANY caregiver and child they are taking care of, including a mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, nanny, babysitter, etc.

Can I try out the class before committing to a session?

Yes, I encourage families who have not tried out Zumbini before to come to one of the trial classes, usually held a week or two before the session starts. These trial classes, also called demos, fill quickly, so make sure to follow our Facebook page so you know when they are posted. If you couldn’t make the official trial class, you can do a trial class that is already in session. Visit the Zumbini session page you are interested in for the current trial class fee. Please contact me to schedule your trial class.

Can you do a trial class for my moms group or other private group?

Yes, I am happy to do trial classes for private groups in the Frederick, MD area. Please email me for more details and to schedule a trial class for your group.

Can I skip the bundle and get a discount on the class?

The take-home materials are SO important for success in this class. You may not think you want them, but once you start playing the songs at home and in the car, you will see how quickly your child learns the music and benefits from exposure outside of class. Believe me, I experienced this first hand when my daughter and I first took the class together. Under our licensing agreement, we are not permitted by Zumbini to sell classes without the bundle.

We already have the bundle as our family is taking a class using the same volume again. What are my options as I do not want to pay for the same bundle twice?

Returning families with the existing bundle will receive either a singing doll or an instrument set depending on the class session being offered.

Can my child with special needs attend the class?

Absolutely! We are an inclusive environment and welcome children of all abilities. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is something I can do to make sure your child has a great experience in class!

Have a question that is not answered here or need clarification? Please contact me.